6 Best Jazz Groups and Orchestras

Jazz music has been popular for years. Over time it has evolved just like the other genres of music. If you love jazz or are interested in it, then you should know about the best jazz bands and orchestras of all time. Here is a list of them.

Miles Davis Quintet

During the mid-1950s and 1960s, the Miles David quintet was the best classic combo in the history of jazz music. Initially, they struggled to have a good lineup; but later, they succeeded in forming the best jazz group. Their recorded albums include ‘Miles Smiles’, ‘E.S.P’, ‘Nefertiti’, ‘Miles in the Sky’, to name a few.

Art Ensemble of Chicago

They are known as the finest jazz group of the 1970s and 1980s. They pioneered the fusion of jazz with European and indigenous African music. The band had great composers and improvisers. Together they formed one of the best jazz bands ever. They play different instruments and integrate various jazz styles into their music.

Their live performance is worth watching, and you will enjoy it. They paint their face and wear unique costumes while performing. So, it is good to see and hear them perform. Some of their hit albums include ‘Sound’, ‘A Jackson in Your House’, ‘The Spiritual’, ‘Go Home’, and more.

The World Saxophone Quartet

Initially, in 1977 they started performing as a saxophone quartet. Their music resembles the music of modern composers such as John Cage and Charles Ives. They showed their amazing improvisatory skills in their music. They experimented with atonal music, volume, distortion, and other techniques.

Duke Ellington’s Jazz Orchestra

They formed one of the best jazz orchestral units. Many members stayed in the orchestra for many years. They often collaborated with others in composing the songs. Duke Ellington was so famous that a coin was launched by the U.S. Mint featuring him. He received Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award for his works.

The Count Basie Orchestra

James’ Count Basie led this orchestra for 50 years. He used innovative techniques like split tenor saxophones, emphasis on the rhythm section, and more. They sometimes collaborated with other bands. Under Basie’s direction, many musicians become popular.

The Jazz Messengers

This band became popular in the early 50s. Art Blakey led this group, and people know about the band because of him. They released about 47 studio albums and 21 live albums. They launched many young jazz talents over the years.

These jazz bands and orchestras are an inspiration to modern jazz artists today. Their contribution will never be forgotten to make jazz music popular throughout the world.